What my teachers have to say

Part 4 of Frida's story at Malaika

Frida and her fellow classmates enjoy their time in the IT lab at Malaika, which consists of laptops donated by Close the Gap. But not only the students enjoy the benefits of having access to computers. The computers have brought many positive benefits to Malaika’s organization team, including helping them to better organize their administrative processes and streamline their systems.

For teachers, these computers help to build their instructional capacity. Through research, they are able to update their teaching materials and save time by typing instead of writing by hand. Teachers are now able to use projectors with the laptops to present slideshows during lessons. This more interactive way of teaching is also more beneficial for students, who can be more engaged with the material of the courses.

Teachers also use the computers to network with new contacts who can strengthen their knowledge in specific curriculum areas, and to better communicate with Malaika's Board.

Next week, we will look back on Frida's story as well as on the new skills she learned and the opportunities she received at Malaika.