I created an Excel programme

Part 3 of Frida's story at Malaika

For Frida, having an education at Malaika makes her different from others: "Some of my friends do not yet know how to read, write, play tennis, use the computer, but I know it already. It is thanks to Malaika that I know how to have trust in myself.”

She particularly enjoys having IT classes with computers donated by Close the Gap. These laptops are having a big impact on Malaika's educational offerings. For students like Frida, these laptops allow them to develop new skills. They use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and have become familiar with the Internet (by doing things such as managing emails and doing online research). Frida, being a very intelligent student, created an Excel sheet that automatically calculates the yearly school report with conditional formatting. 

The computers are kept in a secured room, and are used by students from different grades every day. Frida and her fellow students are joined by an increasing number of students every year as the school expands. Therefore, Malaika seeks to increase their number of computers to continue to serve all students. 

Discover what teachers have to say about their experience with the IT lab next week!