Investment Strategy

Close the Gap CVBA

Our goal: empowering the lives of Africa’s most vulnerable population through investing in Tech Solutions.

Where the overall Close the Gap vision is concerned, we could summarize that we aim to connect the non-connected vulnerable youngsters in emerging- and developing countries so that they can build themselves a better future and be more self-reliable and independent from any aid or welfare programs. With Close the Gap’s special purpose investment vehicle, Close the Gap CVBA, we want to achieve inclusive growth, by supporting the development and growth of technology based solutions created by African tech entrepreneurs and for African customers and users. Close the Gap CVBA is sector-agnostic and is therefore active in the field of job-tech, edu-tech, health-tech, agri-tech and clean-tech. Close the Gap CVBA's aim is to make impact on a global level by investing in local technology and solutions.

This double outcome is made possible through sustainable use of Close the Gap’s own earmarked financial resources for this purpose, as well as to attract co-investors from patient-capital and impact investment providers.  Close the Gap provides seed and growth capital to investees, as well as technical assistance and access to the Close the Gap network. Additional capital will be raised through the Close the Gap fund structure, together with Close the Gap’s partner BID Network. These participations are managed by Close the Gap CVBA, which is the investment arm within the Close the Gap group.

Close the Gap CVBA is an independent entity from Close the Gap Int. vzw, but it shares the same overall vision and is as such an enabler within the family of Close the Gap entities. As a consequence, Close the Gap CVBA therefore works effortlessly together with all other entities: Close the Gap Kenya, with a focus at the Close the Gap Mombasa Hub on early-stage incubation of tech 4 development companies, as well with the Circular Economy Hub in Nairobi, active in the reversed engineering and hardware refurbishment and IT Asset Disposition services. Furthermore, WorldLoop engages in the E-Waste treatment development, and CTG Circular in Europe is the IT sourcing partner for all ICT hardware devices being channeled in a sustainable end-to-end managed way into East-Africa.

Type of investments

  • convertible debts (when a company borrows money from an investor or a group of investors and the intention of both the investors and the company is to convert the debt to equity at some later date.) vs equity participation (refers to the ownership of shares in a company or property. It may involve the purchase of shares through options or by allowing partial ownership in exchange for financing.)
  • Tickets between 5.000€ and 300.000€ 

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