Investment Strategy

Close the Gap fund

Our goal: empowering the lives of Africa’s most vulnerable population through investing in Tech Solutions.

What the Close the Gap fund is attempting to do is bringing affordable technology based solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa’s most vulnerable people so that they can build themselves a better future.

We want to achieve inclusive growth of technology based solutions and an increased impact capital available for tech entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This double outcome is made possible through sustainable use of Close the Gap capital and that of investees. Close the Gap provides capital to investees, as well as technical assistance and access to the Close the Gap network. Additional capital is raised through the Close the Gap fund structure. 

Overview of investments made:

- Timu (South Africa): an online platform that helps people in limited-resourced communities demonstrate that they can meet the expectations others have of them, proving that they are trustworthy.

- BeCentral (Belgium): a new digital campus located in Brussels Central Station. Cofounded & backed-up by more than 40 entrepreneurs, we’re on a mission to close the digital skills gap and help to accelerate Belgium’s Digital Transformation.

Elewa (Kenya): an education innovation company committed to transforming the educational experience of every learner in such a way that they find it meaningful and enjoyable.

- The Experience Factory: The Experience Factory (South Africa): a talent & leadership development platform for graduates offering talent recruitment, job preparation and talent development during an intensive internship with mentoring, peers review and a personal & professional development program.

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- Akaboxi (Uganda): Akaboxi is a digital financial inclusion system that enables smallholder farmers in a community to manage and monitor their savings together.  It provides communities with the most secure way of keeping smallholder farmers savings that are kept in boxes to be managed and monitored by use of Digitalized Financial Inclusion system – That replaces the rudimentary way of keeping money in boxes and in people’s homes to a more secure, reliable and easy to monitor savings and transactions. 

- Parlangi (Belgium): Parlangi connects people from different generations because they believe in the power of social contact. This social contact improves learning and is the number one defining factor for a long and healthy life.


- Wapi LLC (Kenya)

- Maggie goes to Kakuma, Kenya: A project that aims to build an Innovation Lab School to give children access to education and to train local teachers. The project is located in Kakuma, a refugee camp hosting almost 180.000 people. More than half of them are children that need proper infrastructure for education. This infrastructure will be a Maggie shelter, an infrastructure that looks like a tent but has the virtues of a fixed building and that is very easy to set up, while lasting about 15 years. In this shelter, classes through skype will be offered by volunteering teachers all over the world.