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Part 5 of Frida's story at Malaika

Frida's tough childhood with limited access to basic human needs such as food and education turned into a life full with opportunities. Thanks to her education at Malaika, she is able to develop her skills and talents.

One of these talents is related to her IT and digital skills, which she can develop through the IT classes she receives. Yet, her passion for IT doesn’t stop with enjoying IT classes with computers donated by Close the Gap: Frida would love to become a computer programmer.

Frida and her classmates can develop their creativity and passion for technology through these computers. Still, Malaika hopes to further enhance the digital experience for their students. At the moment, they rely mostly on programmes like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint (which can run offline) due to the unreliable Internet access in Kalebuka (D.R. Congo), where the school is located.

Malaika finds it really important to increase the number of computers to continue to serve all of their students. They also want to improve the quality of their Internet access so that their students can have a reliable connection for completing classroom and homework assignments on time.

We at Close the Gap are really glad to see that such amazing projects like Malaika can turn the lives of their students around with the opportunities they can create through education and IT classes. Good luck to Frida and all of the other students!

We would like to thank Elvis Nshimba (a teacher and programme asistant) at Malaika), for helping us tell Frida’s story and for providing us with all the beautiful pictures of the school and its students!