Close the Gap would not exist without the strong, supportive and dedicated commitment of its partners in industrialised, emerging and developing countries. Each partner contributes in their own way to help bridge the digital divide.

Our partnerships:

  • Strategic partners not only donate computers but they also help the organisation on a day-to-day basis by providing equipment, financial or in-kind donations and/or e-resource contributions or through project adoptions. Strategic partners can also be organisations that provide training, support, software and expertise to the beneficiaries in the global South. They complement Close the Gap’s hardware donations with content, applications or specific know-how that adds value to the project.
  • Friends of Close the Gap are companies or organisations that help Close the Gap by donating their decommissioned ICT equipment.
  • Service partners work as intermediaries between Close the Gap and the beneficiary organisations. They know and understand the local problems and challenges and have local project management expertise. Service partners are an important aspect of quality assurance as they are responsible for preparing the local infrastructure by making sure that donated PCs have a secure location with all the necessary utilities like electricity, the Internet if available, etc. They are also responsible for the distribution and transport of PCs to the beneficiaries, installation and maintenance of ICT equipment, training project managers/teachers/users and finally, taking back the ICT equipment when it reaches its end-of-life.

Strategic partners

  • Acerta


    Acerta is a leading human resources services provider in Belgium that specialises in consultancy, computerisation and professionalisation of administrative processes for payroll, social security, child benefits and branch formalities.

    Acerta supports Close the Gap by offering  social secretariat and payroll services and training.

  • Air France

    Air France

    Air France is the French flag carrier and one of the world’s largest airlines. It serves 35 destinations in France and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 191 destinations. The Air France Foundation supports computer donations for educational projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • Arcadius


    Arcadius is a specialised recruitment and outsourcing agency which has been fully dedicated to management support profiles since 1994. They have years of experience in recruitment, selection and outsourcing of management assistants and make every effort to find the right person for the job. Arcadius has put its expertise at Close the Gap’s disposal by assisting in recruitment procedures / by recruiting the right member for the team.

  • Arrow Electronics

    Arrow Electronics

    Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions providing specialized services and expertise across the  product lifecycle.

  • Arrow Value Recovery

    Arrow Value Recovery

    Arrow Value Recovery, formerly known as the Flection Group, is an international company that proactively manages the transfer of used and obsolete IT equipment. Arrow Value Recovery offers its services to Close the Gap at competitive rates. Arrow cleans and repairs IT assets and erases all data on hard drive disks using Blancco software. Arrow also takes care of the recycling of assets that cannot be reused. For Close the Gap, the collaboration with Arrow guarantees the quality of the refurbishment process.

  • Auxipress


    Through technology and human interpretation, Auxipress captures and centralizes all relevant information about a specific brand or company in the media.

    Auxipress supports Close the Gap with an in-kind contribution, monitoring Close the Gap’s presence in media coverage.

  • BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation

    BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation

    In 2013 Close the Gap started a new partnership with the BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation.  Thanks to the ICT donation of BNP Paribas Fortis, Close the Gap will yearly deliver 400 computers to Belgian non-profit organisations that support the social integration of vulnerable children. Many more computers will also be delivered to projects in developing countries.

  • Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation

    Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation

    The Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation (BRS) supports poor people in developing countries who take the initiative to build a better life for themselves and a future for their children. To this end it supports local savings, loans and insurance initiatives according to co-operative principles. BRS considers it very important for these activities to be transformed into independent operations within a reasonable time.

  • CHG Meridian

    CHG Meridian

    CHG-MERIDIAN AG is one of the World’s leading leasing companies specialised in ICT. Since 2013  CHG MERIDIAN made it possible for its clients to donate their leased computers to Close the Gap while offsetting the future e-waste impact by participating in the e-Resource Certificate Programme.

  • CSR Europe

    CSR Europe

    CSR Europe is the leading European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility, acting as a platform for those businesses looking to enhance sustainable growth and contribute positively to society. Close the Gap engages with the CSR Europe network to drive shared-value initiatives.

  • CTG


    Computer Task Group is an IT solutions company active in North America and Europe that specialises in services which improve the management and delivery of both business and IT projects. Computer Task Group manages all the network services of Close the Gap.

  • CTG Circular

    CTG Circular

    CTG Circular is an experienced ITAD service provider in Mechelen, Belgium. They provide a sustainable solution for used ICT-hardware and data. CTG Circular collects, remarkets, donates, or recycles ICT hardware for Close the Gap to give computers, laptops, and mobile devices a second life through our projects.

  • CharITy


    CharITy, founded by ICT Media, aims to involve the Dutch IT community in CSR projects. Using the intrinsic value of networks, ideas, knowledge, expertise and partnerships, the foundation strives to contribute more than just what is offered by their own corporate (marketing communication) funds within existing CSR initiatives or projects.

  • DHL


    DHL, a strategic partner since 2011, commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education.

  • DNS Belgium

    DNS Belgium is a non-profit organisation founded by Agoria, BELTUG and ISPA, and its mission is to register .be domain names, make the Internet more accessible and encourage its use. This means helping to close the digital divide among disadvantaged groups as well as stimulating the digital economy. DNS has been supporting Close the Gap financially since 2009. 

  • Dell


    In collaboration with Rabobank, Dell supports Close the Gap’s computer donation and E-waste offsetting Program. The e-waste offsetting program is managed by Close the Gap’s daughter organisation WorldLoop.

  • Deloitte


    The auditing and consulting firm Deloitte is an important and long-time loyal supporter of Close the Gap, helping to guarantee the transparent and professional use of funds raised through sponsors and donors.

    Deloitte Belgium assists Close the Gap with external audits, tax advice, accountancy and legal services. Deloitte Netherlands supports Close the Gap through its Deloitte Fair Chance Foundation and the purchase of e-resource certificates. 

  • Deloitte University EMEA

    Deloitte University EMEA

    Deloitte University Europe, the Middle East and Africa (DU EMEA) helps staff – and ultimately clients – navigate market changes and stay on the leading edge of learning and innovation.

    DU EMEA formalised a partnership with Close the Gap in 2014 to bring entrepreneurial training to Close the Gap’s service partners in Africa.

  • Design Is Dead Test 2

    Design Is Dead Test 2

  • Design is Dead

    Design is Dead

    Professional digital transformation agency with the best technical talents in the market. Agility is their DNA, and data their bones. This experienced team is your rock-solid guide in your digital journey. Let them help you deliver high quality applications and the automation of your business processes.

  • E-learning for Kids

    E-learning for Kids

    E-Learning for Kids is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fun and free learning on the Internet for children of all ages. It offers free, best in-class courseware in mathematics, science and reading, English language and health life skills and is building a community for parents and educators to share innovations and insights in childhood education.

  • EFQM


    EFQM is a non-profit foundation, based in Brussels.  They were established in 1989 to promote and deploy the concepts of business excellence.  With their network of European Partner Organisations, they help over 30,000 organisations in Europe to improve.  They are using their knowledge and expertise to help Close the Gap and WorldLoop develop their internal capabilities and improve their overall performance.  The common goal is to enable both organisations to maximise the benefits they deliver to all their stakeholders.

  • Emakina


    Emakina is a Full Service Digital Native Agency. We are experiencing a digital revolution and new technologies have given birth to new means of interaction. Every day new digital tools are opening up new ways of expression for brands. Native to this world of complexity, Emakina fuses imagination and innovation and orchestrates relevant points of convergence to build brand experiences that engage consumers…

  • Enabel


    Enabel is the Belgian development agency. On behalf of the Belgian government, Enabel supports developing countries in their fight against poverty. Apart from this public service, Enabel also executes contracts on behalf of other national and international organisations that work toward sustainable human development. Enabel manages some 200 projects in more than twenty countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The agency employs 650 people; 180 at headquarters in Brussels and 470 in the countries where projects and programmes are executed. Enabel has 18 country offices abroad.

  • Energy Assistance

    Energy Assistance

    Energy Assistance is an association carrying out worldwide humanitarian projects in the energy sector. This is carried out through economic assessment, technical design, equipment supply, assembly, operational training and transfer of knowledge. The members of Energy Assistance are volunteers from the GDF SUEZ Group and the Belgian grid operators. About 187 projects have been completed and more than 2.941.000 people benefit of these projects. The main fields of activity are health, education, and economic development.

  • Essent


    Essent is the largest energy company in the Netherlands and also operates in Germany and Belgium. Essent wants to help resolve current and future societal issues and to prevent them from occurring. In 2011 some of Close the Gap’s projects in South Africa and Uganda were financially adopted by Essent.

  • Ex-Change


    Ex-Change is an independent overarching dispatching centre for experts wishing to encourage local entrepreneurship in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Through Ex-Change, volunteer experts make their knowledge and experience available to others. Ex-Change’s objective is to contribute to the development of a socially and ecologically sustainable market economy in the areas concerned; it wants to promote local entrepreneurship so as to create more and better job opportunities and to contribute to improving awareness of the problems of the North-South divide.

  • Geodis


    A global logistics provider and wholly-owned subsidiary of SNCF Group, Geodis is a European company with a worldwide scope. The Group’s ability to coordinate all or part of the logistics chain enables it to support its customers in their strategic, geographical and technological developments, providing them with solutions tailored to optimising their material and information flows.

  • GoodUp


    GoodUp is an organisation that builds do-good crowdfunding platforms to kick-start interesting and impactful initiatives. GoodUp and Close the Gap started collaborating in 2016. Together, we boost innovative digital solutions to create an impact LEAP for societal challenges.


  • Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton provides quality accounting and business advisory services. Grant Thornton has committed its expertise to ensure the transparency of Close the Gap’s finances through its extensive annual internal auditing contribution.

  • Huawei


    Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We have approximately 195,000 employees and we operate in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world. Huawei's mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. TECH4ALL is Huawei‘s long-term digital inclusion initiative. Aligning with Huawei's mission, TECH4ALL designed to help accelerate achieving the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

  • IMS Luxembourg

    IMS Luxembourg

    IMS is a Luxembourg-based network that assists organisations in their commitment to corporate social responsibility by enhancing dialogue with their stakeholders. Close the Gap works with the IMS network to drive shared-value initiatives.

  • ITpreneurs


    ITpreneurs, the leading provider of competence development solutions for IT best practices, has announced its charitable partnership with Close the Gap in September 2012. Through this partnership, the organizations will collaborate to provide technology resources to developing countries.

  • KBC


    KBC Bank & Insurance is a Belgian universal multi-channel bank that focuses on private clients and small- and medium sized enterprises. KBC supports Close the Gap through a collaboration with the Belgische Raiffeisen Stichting (BRS).

  • KLM


    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. KLM operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 90 destinations. KLM supports Close the Gap by providing free cargo transport for donated computers to KLM destinations. KLM was among the first buyers of e-resource certificates in 2011. 

  • Liberty Foundation

    Liberty Foundation

    Liberty Foundation supports social projects financially. With support from the foundation, Close the Gap has been able to set up a revolving fund to pre-finance computer deliveries to Close the Gap’s service partners in the East African community. Close the Gap uses this fund to finance shipments to our partners in Kenya and Tanzania.

  • MVO Nederland - CSR Netherlands

    MVO Nederland - CSR Netherlands

    MVO Nederland / CSR Netherlands is the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. With over 2,100 affiliated companies, MVO Nederland is the largest CSR network in Europe.

  • MediaTaal


    MediaTaal is a storytelling company using film as their medium. Because no matter how nice and professional films are made, a good story fundamental to deliver a strong, credible message. MediaTaal has helped Close the Gap’s storytelling through the production of numerous videos and testimonials.

  • Microsoft


    Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related  to computing through its various product divisions. In 2011 Microsoft supported Close the Gap by providing free software  licences for computers donated to Belgian non-profit organisations through PC Solidarity.

  • NileDutch


    NileDutch is one of the top 25 largest container shipping companies in the world. NileDutch operates cargo liner services from Europe, South Africa, South America and Asia to West African ports: supporting companies as they discover the opportunities the African continent offers. NileDutch supports Close the Gap by carrying containers with refurbished computers to Kinshasa.

  • Ontuitive


    Ontuitive bridges performance gaps between business processes, technology, and employees with just-enough, just-in-time, and just-for-you support. Ontuitive’s mission is simple: to make employees more productive by delivering performance support during their most profound moments of need — when they are struggling to find the right answers so they can do their job.

  • Ordina


    Ordina is the largest, independent IT service provider in the Benelux. Their goal is to give customers in the financial services, public, industry and healthcare sectors a digital edge. They do this by devising, building and managing technological solutions. 

    Ordina helped us to become GDPR-compliant through a thorough assessment and thanks to their expertise.

  • Out of Office

    Out of Office

    Because the way we do our work is changing, Out Of Office developed and implemented for Close the Gap a new way of working that stimulates interaction and collaboration, sharing information and knowledge, creativity and innovation.

  • PlanBit


    PlanBit is a full-service asset recovery, refurbishment, and remarketing company operating out of the Netherlands (Geldermalsen). They have a combined experience of over 80 years in the asset recovery business in Europe.

  • Proximus


    Proximus is a telecommunications company operating in the Belgian and international markets. They are the leading provider of telephony, internet and television services in Belgium. Since 2011 Proximus donates every year about 500 computers or tablets through Close the Gap to social projects and schools in Belgium.

  • Rabobank


    Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It offers retail banking, wholesale banking, asset management, leasing and real estate services. Its focus is on all-finance services in the Netherlands and on retail and wholesale banking, and food and agri internationally.

  • Realdolmen


    In 2014 Close the Gap started a new strategic partnership with Realdolmen. This strategic partnership isn’t limited to advocacy and donation of equipment, but also includes providing IT training and support to international Close the Gap partner organizations.

  • Reynaers Aluminium

    Reynaers Aluminium

    Reynaers Aluminium share the objective of Close the Gap that, by providing access to the digital world, young and older people will be able to take care of their own needs and will contribute to the development of their country. 

  • Ricoh


    Ricoh is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of office automation equipment  and document solutions. Ricoh has been supporting Close the Gap with its core business, knowledge and products for many years.

  • SAS


    SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent  vendor in the business intelligence  market. In 2009 SAS developed a reporting tool for Close the Gap. This tailor-made tool allows Close the Gap to extract several reports. Furthermore, SAS hosted Close the Gap’s Ambassador Day in 2011.

  • Sidus Executive Search

    Sidus Executive Search

    Sidius is a specialist in the selection and recruitment of top-level assistants, personal, executive and management assistants, for various managers/departments (sales, marketing, human resources, legal, finance, etc.), office managers, personnel/HR managers and payroll/ recruitment officers, event organisers and telephonists/receptionists. Sidius supports Close the Gap by offering its recruitment services.

  • TES amm

    TES amm

    TES amm is a circular economy leader focused on helping customers with the commissioning, deployment, and retirement of IT assets. TES is supporting Close the Gap’s clients globally through the collection of information and communications technology (ICT) materials from its partner organizations.

  • Telenet Foundation

    Telenet Foundation

    Telenet Foundation supports social projects that promote digital inclusion. In 2011 Close the Gap delivered 250 computers to projects which were selected through Telenet Foundation’s annual call for proposals. Moreover, Telenet hosts Close the Gap’s website and email. 12 computers were donated to My Zone, a Telenet project which offers computer and Internet access to children who suffer from chronic diseases.

  • The Executives' Circle

    The Executives' Circle

    The Executives’ Circle was founded in 2002 with the purpose of gathering the foremost  business leaders and intellectual elite within an exclusive forum that addresses today’s key management, leadership and societal challenges.

  • The Shift

    The Shift

    The Shift was created in June 2015 by the former sustainability networks Kauri and Business & Society Belgium. It is a Belgian sustainability network that brings together around 350 companies, NGOs and other organisations to stimulate partnerships and help co-create sustainable business models. The Shift’s aim is to realise, together with its partners and members, the transition to a more sustainable society.



    UNESCO developed an Open Training Platform, which wants to empower trainers and trainees with free resources and offer them a structured collaborative space to share their training but also to promote and value the “open” training materials, which are freely and openly accessible for trainers and self-learners to use and re-use for non-commercial purposes such as teaching, learning and research. Close the Gap supports this training platform by promoting it towards its project partners.

  • Umicore


    Umicore is a global materials technology group. It focuses on application areas where its expertise in materials science, chemistry and metallurgy makes a real difference. Umicore provides recycling and disposal services to WorldLoop, allowing environmentally sound and closed loop recycling in WorldLoop’s operations. Umicore also supports WorldLoop by providing technical expertise and other in-kind support.



    The Flemish Interuniversity Council for University Development Cooperation (VLIR-UOS) supports research and higher education institutions in the South through partnerships with Flemish universities and higher education institutions. VLIR-UOS wants to improve the capacity of institutions in the South. Close the Gap supplies computers to VLIR-UOS’ partner universities in developing countries and to social projects supported by the South-based educational institutions.

  • VVOB


    The VVOB is the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance, a non-profit organisation. By order of the Flemish and the Belgian government, VVOB contributes to the improvement of the quality of education in developing countries. Its core task is to provide technical assistance in projects and programmes in the South. This way VVOB makes a major contribution to local capacity development, a means to stimulate sustainable development and poverty reduction.

  • Vintage Productions

    Vintage Productions

    Vintage is a pan-European communication agency. “One should not only focus on the differences between people but look for commonality and similarity.” This quote, from Theodore Levitt, serves as the guiding principle of what Vintage stands for as a communication agency.

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    The Free University of Brussels (VUB) is a Flemish university  that welcomes more than 10,000 students every year. Close the Gap was founded through the support and expertise of the VUB. Close the Gap receives logistical assistance by being given office space. Additionally, the office costs of telecommunication, fax and postal services are partly sponsored by the VUB.

Friends of

Service partners

  • ACTT


    Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT) is Close the Gap’s service partner in Tanzania. ACTT provides computers, computer labs, apprenticeships, IT training, and PC maintenance skills to Tanzania’s young people, while simultaneously generating income for the Mkombozi youth residential centre in Moshi.

  • Africa ICT Right

    Africa ICT Right

    Africa ICT Right (AIR) is an ICT-oriented NGO established in 2007 and run by a team of volunteers. AIR was established in order to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to address critical national problems pertaining to  education, gender, youth empowerment and health in Ghana.

  • Batuk


    Located in Senegal.

  • Belgium Campus

    Belgium Campus

    Belgium Campus is a pioneering ITversity in South Africa that helps to raise the bar through its graduates in the ICT industry.

  • Benelux Afro Center

    Benelux Afro Center

    Benelux Afro Center (BAC) has been created in 1998 by members of the African diaspora in Belgium. Their goals is to make learned skills available to communities in the home countries, in order to create jobs in the social economy and the recycling area.

  • CRTC Ethiopia

    CRTC Ethiopia

    Located in Ethiopia.

  • Computers for Schools Kenya

    Computers for Schools Kenya

    Computers for School Kenya (CFSK) is a non-governmental organisation that was formally registered in October 2002. Their vision is the establishment of an information-rich Kenyan Society actively participating in sustainable development. They hope to help achieve this by facilitating the development of information and communication technology infrastructure and capacity in educational and training institutions as well as community information access.

  • Computers for Schools Uganda

    Computers for Schools Uganda

    On top of providing low-cost computers to educational institutions across the country, Computers for Schools Uganda empowers teachers with basic ICT skills, provides preventive maintenance of computers in schools and is also actively involved in the management of e-waste.

  • Crescent Future Kids

    Crescent Future Kids

    Located in Zambia.

  • DEAN


    DEAN, formerly known as Viafrica, aims at stimulating the use of ICT in Tanzania, Kenya and Sierra Leone within the educational sector by giving information and advice, the realisation of concrete projects with local partners and training and support of users. CLASSworks, an abbreviation for “Computer Learning And Sustainable Support works”, guides secondary schools through all the essential parts connected to the management and usage of a computer lab.

  • Exponential Technology

    Exponential Technology

    Exponential Technology shapes the future of Tanzania and Tanzanian education through Computer Technology. The aim of EXPO-TECH is to integrate Computer technology in education in order to update and re-shape the quality of Tanzanian education. By providing access to education, lives of communities and transformed and they can be lifted out of poverty.

  • Fund Isaan

    Fund Isaan

    Fund Isaan is a non-profit organization established in 2008 supporting the education of children in the Isaan region of Thailand. They are both a fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium and an official foundation under Thai law in Thailand. Through their various projects they aim at providing children in the North East of Thailand with a better education.


  • Glice


    GLICE (Great Lakes Initiatives for Communities Empowerment) was established in 2010 in Burundi. They aim at strengthening digital inclusion by facilitating access to digital technologies and IT. They also aim at preventing environmental risks linked to the improper management of e-waste.

  • ICT 4 All

    ICT 4 All

    Located in Rwanda.

  • ICT 4 D Tanzania Foundation

    ICT 4 D Tanzania Foundation

    ICT4Development for Tanzania Foundation exists since 2013 to bridge the digital divide in Tanzania.

  • MMTM Technologies & THUDO NPO

    MMTM Technologies & THUDO NPO

    Located in South Africa

  • Recell Ghana

    Recell Ghana

    Recell-Ghana limited is a limited liability company with its head-office in Ghana and also active in Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Mali and Sierra Leone. Recell -Ghana offers the latest technology, the best but the least expensive and sustainable solutions, to extend the lifespan of mobile electronic devices through Repairs, Refurbishing, Reused, Component Harvesting, Recycling and Education.

  • Savana Signatures

    Savana Signatures

    Savana Signatures is a non-profit organisation registered and operating in Ghana. They want to initiate positive change among youth, women and vulnerable populations of Ghana using innovative solutions to facilitate access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Quality Education and Skills Development.

  • Schoolnet Uganda

    Schoolnet Uganda

    The overall purpose of SchoolNet Uganda is to plan, support and build capacity for the use of ICTs in education in Uganda as a strategy of improving learning achievements and teacher performance in the classroom. The organization targets to make ICTs one of the main institutionalized tools in the classroom instruction process, knowledge acquisition and sharing.

  • Sénéclic


    Located in Senegal.

  • U Connect

    U Connect

    The object of Mission Mobile Education’s Uganda Connect project is the advancement of public education in Uganda, using Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for education, to improve the quality and efficiency of communications through the provision of necessary hardware and software, and the training of teachers and managers in the use of communications software, especially electronic mail, and the World Wide Web, for education, health, agriculture and other sectors.

  • World Links Zimbabwe

    World Links Zimbabwe

    World Links began in mid-1997 as an initiative of James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank. In 1999, World Links spun off from the World Bank as an independent non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. Since then, World Links has expanded to over 30 developing countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central/Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, reaching over 560,000 youth in over 1,400 schools and telecenters. World Links has created a comprehensive model that integrates all aspects of technology into the education system.