I love my IT classes!

Part 2 of Frida's story at Malaika

After a difficult childhood consisting of malnutrition and limited access to education, Frida could finally attend a normal school. This completely changed her life. For Frida, "studying at Malaika is a privilege" because here she has the chance to grow up with more opportunities. 

Only a year after joining school at Malaika, Frida was scoring high marks and was ranked at the top of her class. 

Today, Frida is a healthy and highly intelligent girl. For her, the education she receives at Malaika School is of high quality, which is often reserved only for children of rich families in the DRC. Frida says her life is changing every day through her education.

Frida is now in the second grade of secondary school, and apart from normal classes like reading and mathematics, she also tremendously enjoys her IT classes. These classes are held in an IT lab with computers donated by Close the Gap. The lab enables the children to discover today's digital world and to learn digital skills.

Stay tuned to discover more about Frida and the exciting project she works on in her IT classes!