Close the Gap in Kenya

Refurbishing, recycling and innovation

In order to increase our social impact, we are extremely proud to launch the Close the Gap Hub (Mombasa) and the Circular Economy Hub (Nairobi) in Kenya.


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To emphasize and increase its impact, Close the Gap wants to concentrate its activities in Africa, where the impact actually happens.

The goal is to strenghten our Social Entreprise positioning, both in Belgium and in Kenya.

More than ever, we believe that access to digital solutions is a key enabler for people in developing and emerging countries to improve their lives and realize their full potential.

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Mombasa, Kenya

In Mombasa, Close the Gap is setting up a Hub where innovation, education and a makerspace come together. To be opened by the end of this year.


Through an incubation programme on the one hand and events on the other hand, Close the Gap aims at supporting young local entrepreneurs. More concretely, this support is offered through coaching, co-working spaces, co-creation, hackathons, Leap² Innovation challenges and demodays.


In a makerspace, crafting tools and machines are available, such as CNC machines and 3D printers. Trainings and workshops will also be offered.


Three different types of educational programmes will be offered. Firstly vocational training on e-waste and ICT. Secondly training programmes for organisations on e-waste management and circular economy principles. Thridly specialised training programmes such as coding, data management and manufacturing drones.


Nairobi, Kenya

In Nairobi, a re-manufacturing center (Circular Hub) will be operated, together with our partners WEEE Centre and CFSK. 


End of life management of electronic devices.


Data wiping of IT material, as well as the reuse and recovering of the material.


Bringing the refurbished devices on the second-hand market, either through sales or lease to social organisations.


Our Close the Gap Kenya entitiy is officialy a Certified Pending B-Corporation.