Could suddenly see clearly

‘It’s great to be here because the teachers and the children are caring and loving. And there is good food and the environment is nice here. The greatest moment was when I got my glasses and I could suddenly see clearly. Now I can study so much better, and I can learn my favorite topic, Kiswahili, at the advanced level!’

Wilfrida Maiko transferred from a school in Dodoma to Msandaka in 2017. She became great friends with her fellow student Zainabu Shabani. Joining Msandaka has changed her life style, and she says she now understand her rights and wants to become a better person. Her parents are very proud of her, as they see she improved far beyond their expectations in the last two years. Now Wilfrida has great plans, and wants to be a clothes trader, making a good living for herself and her family.


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