Vision statement

We believe every child has the right on a good education. The right to grow, learn, and play.

Development Cooperation 2.0

Close the gap believes in development cooperation ‘Two-point-zero’.

You can explain it with a saying attributed to Chairman Mao: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We see it everywhere: the power, creativity and resilience of people is fantastic. It is fantastic to see it come to life when you empower them. And then, projects really take off and people ‘own’ their future.

Technology as an enabler

Close the Gap wholeheartedly supports the school, providing renewed computers and technology support in creating a computer lab. And by introducing text-to-speech, the learning process was improved. Now the school will develop specific jobs trainings.

Let’s take development to the next step

By creating a specialised vocational school for the children, they will learn a profession.

Once more, Close the Gap will share its know-how and support, and will help in setting up the formation for 'IT Professionals’ and ‘E-waste Dismantling Technicians’.

Build the dream… Join in, you can help the Msandaka students learn a profession…

The butterfly effect

The young adults who will graduate from the vocational school will become examples.

They will lead by their example, each in their own way, and share their passion and regained pride.

In the two-point-zero way of development, they create a butterfly effect: a seemingly small change makes ripples through society, sets an example and over time changes attitudes and actions in a fundamental way.