Msandaka: an initiative of Close the Gap and Lions Club

Wim, from bicycle to board room

Close the Gap’s former chairman, Prof. em. Dr. Wim Blonk initiated this project.

He made a series of fund-raising bicycle journeys in Europe. In total he rode 19,450 kilometres to collect money, meter after meter. And he not only has been pedalling, but also leads the initiative, and shares his passion for it with heart and soul.

Wim has made the Msandaka School for the Deaf into a life’s work. Join him in reaching the finish in this new long-distance race to collect 227,000 euro for a new vocational centre for the children.

Build the dream… Join in, you can help them learn a profession…

‘Build a dream’, supported by Close the Gap
and recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation

This initiative is recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation.

This means you can donate to our specific ‘Build a dream’ project account for Msandaka, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation by means of a bank transfer or an online payment. Donations of 40 euro or more made to their account qualify for a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid.

At the start of the construction in Moshi, the Foundation will deposit funds into the Euro account of Lions Club Moshi Kibo. That account is supervised by registered accountant, Mr. Hitoshi H. Solani, at J. K. Nyerere Road in Moshi. He is not a member of LC Moshi Kibo and will audit the accounts.