I use my laptop to collect data

Part 2 of Noria's story

48 year-old Noria, a Zambian woman living in the rural village of Malundu, received a Close the Gap laptop a few years ago. Since then, she has been able to use it in order to collect data, both for the Malundu Women’s Club and for her voluntary work at the village’s Health Post.

At the Health Post, she counsels people and tests them on HIV/AIDS. As a person living with the HIV virus herself since 2009 and being in good health nonetheless, she can be considered a community role model in teaching other villagers about living a healthy life without too many health related problems.

When Noria received a Close the Gap laptop, her work at the Health Post received another dimension. With this laptop, she could develop her digital skills and she is now using it mainly to collect data. The data she collects is mainly focused on HIV services, family planning and children older than one year. With the data, she counsels and helps her community on a daily basis.

Apart from collecting data, Noria is also eager to continue learning about computer and IT skills. Read in the next chapter what her future plans are and how the computer made her life as a health care worker easier.