I want to pursue computer studies

Part three of Noria's story

After Noria received a laptop from Close the Gap a few years ago, she has benefited from it in multiple ways already. Mostly through the ability to collect data in a structured way, Noria has learned a great deal about digital skills and IT in general.  Owning a laptop contributes also to the feeling that she is participating to the digital evolution.

In her voluntary work at her village’s Health Post, the laptop has helped her in lessening the burden of collecting data on HIV services, family planning and children in her community.

Due to the unreliable internet connection where she lives, Noria does not use the computer to go online. The nearest place where a stable internet connection can be found is located 15km from her village.

Apart from a laptop, Noria also has a smartphone since a few months. She mainly uses it to communicate and to socialize with people living near and far, such as her friends and family.

Apart from communication, another handy feature is that she can store information, documents and photos on her phone related to her work in the village. She can also reach people that live far away to set up a meeting, send updates, and follow-up with patients regarding their HIV treatments.

Noria is eager to continue learning: she wants to further improve her computer skills. While she is very proficient and skilled in the collection of data already, she is planning to pursue more in-depth computer studies in the future.

We would like to sincerely thank Noria for telling us her story and we wish her the best of luck in both her data collection efforts and her future computer training.