Rooting for climate engagement in Elsene!

Posted on Feb 1, 2024 12:00 AM by

Close the Gap took part in the inspirational and encouraging gathering on climate engagement in Elsene! With our office based in this Brussels municipality, we took the stage alongside other local initiatives active to reduce our environmental impact.

We were happy to get to know the coordinator of the VUB (Free University of Brussels) Climate Plan, the initiative of Boondael Climate, the restaurant Brut Foods (that serves local, seasonal, and organic foods exclusively), and the instructor of several interactive Fresques du Climat (Climate Frescoes). Through several TED talks, we all shared our missions, elucidating how we can tackle climate challenges together! It was most inspiring to join this event, where municipal officer for Climate, Energy & Environment, Green spaces & Planting, and Health Audrey Lhoest explained the municipalities' strategy for a greener environment as well.  An evening well spent, giving us even more energy to strive for the positive impact still to make!