Close the Gap's collaboration with the Smiling One Foundation in South Africa!

Posted on Aug 31, 2023 12:00 AM by

At Close the Gap, we were delighted to collaborate with the Smiling One Foundation in our aim to bridge the digital divide. This prevalent divide manifests itself in many countries and sectors, and we at Close the Gap are always most grateful to perceive the scope our equipment can have. Our collaboration with the Smiling One Foundation is thereby a beautiful example of how IT material can refine the social and positive impact we all try to achieve!

The SmilingOne Foundation is a non-profit organization in South Africa that sheds importance on strengthening people and societies with attention to limiting crime. They want to reinforce people’s personal development specifically and society in South Africa more generally. The Smiling One Foundation focuses on disadvantaged peoples and societies in schools, prisons, and townships. They therefore implement so-called Circles of Change, that embrace a program in personal leadership development, a training on navigating life in gratitude and service, and an entrepreneurial skills program. This cycle of topics and exercises is centered around the individual within their communities. The efforts of the SmilingOne Foundation can allow clients to become pillars of support themselves. That is how sometimes people who received assistance during prison projects become Change Agents themselves. Being stationed in school projects after reintegration, they help to support youth at risk, while they can in turn assist and inspire others.

The laptops we have provided to the organization will be used to keep track of the data that often covers many sessions, projects, and interactions the foundation uses to obtain its goal. We are delighted to support the Team of Change Agents with our high-quality devices to accelerate their impact of inspiring change among their peers and communities. It inspires us once again to look at our material's social reach, as it is most thankful to be of help to the meaningful and important work the foundation delivers.