Laptops for Dynamique du regard pour l’Avenir!

Posted on Oct 25, 2023 12:00 AM by

Close the Gap was most happy to provide laptops to Dynamique du Regard pour l'Avenir! This Belgium-based organization aims to ensure the well-being, support, and development of priority sectors in the lives of the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their multidisciplinary teams bundle doctors, lawyers, nurses, priests, nuns, social workers, vets, lay people, volunteers, and students, all investing their energy to combat social inequalities in the country. Dynamique du Regard pour l'Avenir is active in the field of, amongst others, health, nutrition, education, training, and humanitarian work. As such, assisting hospitals, combating famine, providing access to improved education conditions and practical skills training are just some ways in which the organization assists people, offers support, and aims to combat the social inequalities that prevail. At Close the Gap, we are most grateful to have provided this initiative with computer equipment, and to support the work the organization is pursuing!