Close the Gap benefits from the BairesDev Giveback Program!

Posted on Oct 3, 2023 11:33 AM by

We are happy to spread the news about Close the Gap’s election for the BairesDev Giveback program! Their support allocated to us through the Fostering the Tech Talent of Tomorrow themed edition in 2022, enables the installment of an equipped computer lab in Africa, with the deployment of 30 computers and training for the school’s local personnel. We are therefore most grateful to BairesDev for nominating our organization, and to their clients for electing us. With this initiative, Bairsdev helped us to further narrow down the gap and supported us in our goal of bridging the digital divide!

BairesDev is a technology company aimed at finding technological solutions for companies worldwide. Being founded in Argentina in 2009, it evolved into an enterprise of more than 4.000 professionals who support more than 500 companies by providing tailored solutions for their businesses. While their designers, software developers, engineers, and project managers refine their customer’s technological potential daily, BairesDev also focuses on underlining the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The ambition they foster to strive for equal access and chances within the sector is reflected by their bi-annual initiative of the BairesDev GiveBack Program (formerly called B-Grants).


The BairesDev GiveBack program aims to face the challenge of inequality by supporting non-profit organizations active in the field. For each edition, BairesDev nominates and enlists NPOs whose commitments and goals align with the aim of inclusion and diversity. The organizations receiving funding are picked from this list by BairesDev’s clients. While letting their customers stand in for the election, BairesDev makes donations to the selected NOPs on their behalf. We are therefore most happy to announce that Close The Gap has been chosen to receive BairesDev’s support, together with organizations such as Womxn in Power, LaunchCode, and EveryoneOn! 


We are most thankful to BairesDev for this wonderful aid allocated to us. Their support ensures the installation of a computer lab equipped with 30 computers in Africa and to arrange training for the school’s personnel in need of ICT material. By allowing us to provide assets and training, we can again encourage the accessibility of the digital cornerstones often taken for granted. We are therefore very grateful to BairesDev for this wonderful support, and for together with us help cross the divide! 


Find out more about BairesDev and the BairesDev GiveBack program on their website: How BairesDev Made a Difference for 1,500 Talented People Around the World | Blog - BairesDev