Closer look at a project: Scolastica des Franciscains

Posted on Sep 30, 2022 10:46 AM by

We continue to bridge the digital divide. The donated and refurbished IT gets distributed across multiple valuable projects and initiatives around the globe. Today we would like to introduce you to one of these initiatives: Scolastica des Frères Franciscains.

Scolastica des Franciscains, Provincialat des Frères Franciscains de Kolwezi in full, has a university and a high school in Kolwezi, D. R. Congo.
They want to focus more on a digital education for their students and the attendants of the Cybercafé that they organize on several evenings.

Scolastica des Franciscains contacted Close the Gap to buy low cost, high quality IT devices for their community. Over the years, they have receivd over a hundred IT devices from Close the Gap! Their community can now use the computers and laptops to navigate on the internet, use Microsoft Office and send e-mails to their peers. The students can also use the computers to do research for their school work.

"The desktops were placed in our computer classrooms and made available to a secondary school for their computer courses. We also placed the desktops elsewhere where they are used by academics for research. In the evening, the classroom becomes a Cybercafé, accessible for the population of Kolwezi, to provide acces to computers an the internet for anyone who needs it. The funds that we are able to collect with the use of the Cybercafé allows us to provide for the maintenance of the equipment."

"The laptops are then used by university students and enable them to carry out research and fulfill work and tasks. They can now also use the laptops as a means of communication with their peers, which is great!"

Donate your (company's) IT and provide projects like Scolastica des Franciscains with the access to a digital education!