Happy Faces At The Circular Economy HUB in Kenya

Posted on Nov 16, 2021 3:36 PM by

The Circular Economy Hub in Mombasa, Kenya has the pleasure to work with many interns and we asked them about their experiences

Elizabeth Sammy

My name is Elizabeth Sammy and I am 22 years old. I am from Mombasa. 

I am a student at Technical University of Mombasa studying computer science. 

My internship at Close the Gap Kenya has been great. I really like the hands-on experience I got and the new skills I keep on learning every day. I like the fact that I got an opportunity to be able to work with an amazing team who are willing and ready to teach and help wherever necessary.  

The internship has been beneficial, I can now identify almost every computer related problem and be able trouble shoot a computer, repair a laptop on my own. I got an opportunity to interact with different software and I can use them well. 

One day I hope to be in a position where I'm empowering women into the Tech world. Have a team of women who are committed and are all about finding new ideas on ways of improving technology and building a tech support group and a company. I want to be able to teach and implement all the skills I've acquired and be able to bring an impact into the community. 


Gladys Mwaviswa

My name is Gladys Mwaviswa. I am a 22 year-old.I am originally from Mombasa.I am a Kenyan citizen by birth. First, I enjoy my internship at CEH since I have had a lot of experiences which have made me learn a lot of new things; like installation of windows, maintenance of faulty devices etc. I also appreciate the team spirit which inspires a conducive environment when it comes to work. I am pleased with the leaders at CEH!
My expectations are to be able to learn how to identify business problems for the purpose of planning ;this will enable me to have confidence to control business operations in future.
My future dream is to become an independent woman who will be able to give the people I care about financial support. I would like to learn other languages and connect with different people all over the world !

Emmanuel Agenya

I am Emmanuel Agenya Opino, a 3rd year student at The Technical University of Mombasa pursuing Bachelor’s in Information Technology. I am passionate about IT, computer hardware maintenance, software development and networking. 

I was glad when I got this internship opportunity at the CEH since it presented an opportunity to advance my skills in the computer hardware field. I have been able to amass numerous skills in diagnostics and maintenance of faulty computers, disk cloning and installation of software after such a short while. In addition, I’ve been able to learn about a warehouse management system called Fris that is used to keep track of stock. Mr. Timothy Wachira and the rest of the team have inspired me to reason broadly .Order picking and computer testing are some moments I’ve always enjoyed at the CEH.  

The highlight of my internship was a training I did for the Digitrack students on computer maintenance .It was really enjoyable since I also got to gain a lot of knowledge from the research I did and loved it when the students understood everything I shared. Thanks to the Digitrack Team!  

This internship program is a great step towards achieving my dream goal. I finished the program a more competent man who is able to learn faster and apply the knowledge and skill gained. It has trained me to be hardworking, humble and careful in all that I do. It has taught me to be flexible in my reasoning. Thanks to everyone who made this program impactful to me.  May you impact more lives. To future interns in the CEH; be ready to learn and roll up your sleeves to work, never waste any given opportunity. Be always available when needed. Embrace everyone and make use of their availability.  

Faith Mutheu

My name is Faith Mutheu. I am 23 years old and I come from Mombasa County.

I am a finalist student at the Technical university of Mombasa pursuing Degree in Bachelor's Science in Information Technology.

Firstly am thankful for the opportunity to work with you. During the internship period, I was able to attain skills in networking, Hardware maintenance and software maintenance skills which has helped me as a student because my course is adjacent to what I was doing during my internship period. I have also helped many students through the skills I gained during my internship period.

I also liked the oneness and unity of the CEH team, they created a conducive environment for me to learn. Thank you so much for the teamwork. One day I hope to be a CEO and own my own company.

I am gratefull for all the skills I've acquired and I hop I'll be able to bring an impact into the community.