A Climathon in Mombasa

Posted on Oct 6, 2021 12:00 AM by

BOOST is hosting the Climathon in Mombasa this year. The Climathon is a series of events that aim to create awareness for climate change in several cities around the world.

BOOST took the Climathon to Mombasa and will organise all kinds of activities to address the urgency of the global climate crisis. We do this because scientists warn that if nations do not expedite action to curb emissions, by 2025 nearly 1 billion people worldwide could gravely suffer from more frequent life-threatening heat waves.

As a warm up event for the Climathon, BOOST organised a March for Climate on the 5th of October. We marched trough the streets of Mombasa and had an amazing turnout! The walk was inspiring and have given us even more motivation for the events that will follow.

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