Let's take a closer look at a project: Mozambique

Posted on Jan 25, 2021 11:45 AM by

One of the projects we supported recently is located in Mozambique. In total, 42 computers were installed in 3 agricultural vocational schools in Southern Mozambique; Chinhacanine and Combomune (Gaza Province) and Panda (Inhambane Province).

The computers are used for the basic computer training of the students. In the near future, they will also be used to support a virtual library. In a second phase, media education is planned with Comundos vzw. This organisation connects young people and their stories worldwide. They promote digital storytelling as a technique for identity development, critical consciousness and social intercultural interaction.

The general objective of the project in Mozambique is to train young sons of farmers to become entrepreneurs in the rural world. The young rural entrepreneurs of tomorrow must, of course, master the basics of computers, access the information available on the net and know how to communicate.

Agostinho Luis, technical coordinator of the schools, says: "We have installed the computers in the schools and we have been admiring their quality. They look almost new and are much better than those available in Mozambique. We were happy to see that they were directly usable because Office in Portuguese had been very well installed. Given the success of the shipment (via WMH) and the fact that customs clearance was not too difficult, it is possible that the other schools in our network of 18 schools may also be interested in acquiring computers from Close the Gap".


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