First Tech 4 Development Workshop of 2020: one down, four to go!

Posted on Feb 6, 2020 8:48 AM by

On Thursday 6th February, Close the Gap, together with Acodev, NGO Federatie and Agoria, organised the first Tech for Development workshop of 2020. After the success of the first three workshops last year, the series of workshops was renewed for five more this year.

These workshops are part of the Digital for Development program. The hands-on, free workshops are specifically developed to the needs of NGOs and non-profits active in Development Cooperation.

The first workshop was about Digital Marketing. The Google Digital Atelier was so kind as to host our participants in BeCentral, Brussels.

The participants were welcomed at Google's Digital Atelier in Brussels. As the workshop is organised together with Acodev, the federations of NGOs in the French-speaking part of Belgium, this workshop was held in French.

The first session was on the basics of Digital Marketing, introducing the participants to the core values and advantages this kind of marketing could have for their organisations.

The second session was specifically about marketing videos and how to use videos in specific NGO-related contexts.

The last session of the morning was presented by Antonio Tiani, Program Manager at SOCIALware. SOCIALware helps associations to equip themselves professionally with the most up-to-date technology by giving them free or very low-cost access to the products and services of the major IT suppliers. Mr. Tiani presented SOCIALwares Toolbox and the benefits organisations could gain from this.

This very interesting and first Tech 4 Development Workshop was an inspiring kick-off of the whole series of workshops organised in context of the Digital for Development programme. The two other workhops of the first part of 2020 are focused on Earth Observation & Geospatial Apps, and on Artificial Intelligence. For more information about the other two workshops, click here. Further along in the year, we will also reveal the topics of the last two workshops of 2020, so keep an eye on this page!