Closer look at a project: Hopeful Children Center Cambodia (update January 2020)

Posted on Jan 17, 2020 6:44 AM by

The majority of the projects Close the Gap supports with computer and other IT material is located in Africa. However, a few projects are also located in South-America and Asia. One of the projects in Asia that receives donated IT material on a regular basis is Hopeful Children Center in Cambodia.

Hopeful Children Center is located in Cambodia and focuses on education, humanitarian aid, employment, and access to water and sanitation. They aim to provide good education and shelter in order to give underprivileged Cambodian children a better future, thus increasing their chances to get a better job.

They support 15 local primary schools and 2 secondary schools. In 2018, Close the Gap donated a number of notebooks to Hopeful Children Center to support them with this educational aspect of their mission. The equipment Hopeful Children Center received in 2018 went to children in the countryside, and they are very eager to learn. They have been very careful with the material and delighted with their computer classes. By discovering their digital skills, they are creating opportunities to make a better future for themselves.

Last year, in 2019, the organisation received 30 more notebooks. With this larger number of laptops in the school, they rebuilt the classroom and installed preventions against possible theft. In the school, more than a 1000 students follow classes on a daily basis. Because of this large number of students, the organisation is looking to add another 75 computers to the classrooms. 

Apart from supporting schools, Hopeful Children Center also installs water pumps, helps people build homes and offers accommodation for university students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. They also have been teaching English classes for the past 10 years to local Cambodian children.


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