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A closer look at a project: Debateville

Posted on Oct 1, 2019 7:15 AM by

One of the projects we supported recently is DebateVille. This project, located in Belgium, has a slightly different focus from the projects we usually support.

Debateville is an afterschool debating programme that helps vulnerable children and young adults to strengthen their skills, attitudes and knowledge so they can fulfil their maximum potential and engage with the world around them in a meaningful way.

In Belgium, as well as in many other countries, children growing up in poverty are less likely to achieve good results in school. This also leads to less attendance of higher education and less job-related opportunities when they grow up. Debateville wants to address the lack of proper communication skills and self-confidence that these children often are confronted with. It is also important for all children to learn how to think critically, how to express themselves and how to form an opinion.

That's why Debateville wants to improve children's literacy, language and communication skills. But also important life skills such as critical and analytical thinking and raising children's self esteem. 

After several pilot projects during the summer and autumn months of 2019, DebateVille aims to open its very first Debate Hub in January 2020. And this is where Close the Gap entered the picture. Close the Gap provided Debateville with a couple of computers to kick-start their working and to empower the organisation to achieve its goals. 

For more information about DebateVille, click here.

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