Meet INTIX, one of our recent donors of IT material

Posted on Sep 30, 2019 6:44 AM by

One of our most recent donors of IT material is INTIX, a fintech company located in Belgium.

For INTIX, the donation of IT material this summer was a first one. INTIX helps financial institutions address data management challenges in five strategic areas: business activity monitoring, business intelligence, compliance, risk & audit, and customer experience.

We would like to thank INTIX for their very first donation of IT material. This way, we actively work together to bridge the digital divide. As INTIX is a growing organisation, they decided to move to a larger office space. This relocation was the starting point that led to their decision to donate their ICT equipment to Close the Gap. In other words, this move, in combination with the active wish to contribute to society in a sustainable way, made INTIX decide to partner with Close the Gap.

Are you also interested in donating your company's IT material to Close the Gap? Or are you wondering in what other ways we could partner up? Click here for more information.