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Close the Gap supports young IT graduates in Thailand through fund Isaan

Posted on Dec 17, 2018 10:03 AM by

Through a sponsorship of our service partner Fund Isaan in Thailand, Close the Gap supports 8 young ICT graduates in obtaining a degree at Rajamangala University of Technology. 

The first student is Nat. She is studying Computer Engineering in her third year of university. She wants to become a high school computer teacher after she graduates. Just like Nat, May is also studying Computer Engineering. She is in her second year. While she is successfully managing her studies, her parents, who are rice farmers, are preparing their land for the new season. 

Whan is also in her second year of Computer Engineering. Her parents live in Buriram province and outside her classes Whan visits them frequently. Jame is studying Computer Engineering in his third year of university. He used to spend much time on repairing old computers and less on studying, but recently he changed his ways and focuses more on his studies this semester.

Another student is Fern, who is studying Computer Science in her third year of university. With the scholarship, she feels more relaxed about everything. She is focusing on her study and recently worked on her special project with NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center). Like Fern, Sak is studying Computer Science. He is in his second year of university. The scholarship is helping him a lot, seeing that his home situation isn't all that easy. 

Max is studying Computer Science in his second year of university. He is very happy with his studies and outside classes, he spends a lot of times playing football with his classmates. The last student is Run, who is studying Computer Science in his second year of university. He spends much time studying after classes, but also meeting up with friends.


"With pleasure we noticed that all of them have benefited tremendously from Close the Gap’s support. In the name of our foster children and all children of the Isaan region, we would like to thank you again for your kindness!" - Sirinna Manyuen, Operation Manager Fund Isaan.


Fund Isaan is a non-profit organisation that supports the education of children in the Isaan region of Thailand. Managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the fund focuses on improving education and the support of micro-economic initiatives. To this end, the fund puts volunteers at the disposal of local schools. Fund Isaan believes IT has become the single most important source of knowledge and the transfer of knowledge, which is the main driver of economic and social progress.

In 2016, Close the Gap delivered 183 IT assets to the fund, to be installed in schools to prevent regions from being left behind. As a condition for receiving these IT assets, schools have to organise adult education for the villagers of the surrounding communities and to open its doors to other schools in the area.


“Since our establishment we have worked together with Close the Gap to install computer classes in rural schools. Close The Gap has proven to be much more than a supplier, it is a partner supporting our project with hardware, software and know-how. Without Close the Gap it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to continue this part of our activities.” - RONY WUYTJENS Founder, Fund Isaan Foundation.