Close the Gap's founder and CEO visited BeCentral with Proximus board and executive committee

Posted on Oct 26, 2018 12:00 AM by

On October 24, Close the Gap's founder and CEO Olivier Vanden Eynde visited BeCentral together with the Proximus (one of Belgium's largest telecommunication companies) board and executive committee. Participants included Dominique Leroy (CEO of Proximus), Luc Van den Hove (CEO of Imec, also a close partner of Close the Gap) and Karel De Gucht (member of the Proximus board and former European Commissioner for Trade).

BeCentral is a digital campus located in Brussels Central Station. Co-founded & backed-up by more than 40 entrepreneurs, they are on a mission to close the digital skills gap and help to accelerate Belgium’s Digital Transformation. They do this by hosting digital schools or workshops in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As one of the co-founders of BeCentral, Olivier Vanden Eynde and Close the Gap have a very close partnership with this Brussels-based digital campus. Together with the Proxiumus board and executive committee, the participants visited Google Atelier, located in BeCentral.

They also discovered BeCentral's most recent projects through an engaging presentation. Afterwards, Olivier Vanden Eynde participated in an open discussion with Minister Alexander De Croo, Karen Boers (co-founder and managing director of and Laurent Hublet (also a co-founder of BeCentral). The topic of the discussion was how digital can leverage job opportunities and boost our economies.

After the discussion the group also visited a BeCode coding class. BeCode is founded on the idea that everyone with the right motivation can learn how to code. This coding school is one of the projects that Close the Gap supports regularly with computer donations.