Meet our new donor: Citrique Belge

Posted on Jul 27, 2018 12:00 AM by

Close the Gap is proud to announce Citrique Belge as one of the newest donors of IT material.

Citrique Belge is one of the largest citric acid producers in the world.  Citric acid is being used as a flavour enhancer in soft drinks, fruit juices, sweets, and so on. It also serves as an antioxidant in prepared meat products and canned fruit and vegetables.

Citrique Belge will soon start with its first donation of IT material. By donating out-of-date computers, Citrique Belge joins the community of over 300 organisations that are supporting Close the Gap in its mission to bridge the digital divide by providing IT equipment for educational, medical, entrepreneurial and social projects in developing and emerging countries.

“Citrique Belge is one of the oldest examples of the circular, bio-based economy in Europe.  While making substantial efforts to valorize all our side-streams so that nothing is wasted, we are pleased to give a new future to our out-of-date computers. As Close the Gap is an excellent organization, we are proud to support their mission.” – Hans De Backer, CEO Citrique Belge

Are you also interested in donating your company’s used IT material? Click here to discover how to support us.