Laptops for refugee camp in North Kenya

Posted on Jun 22, 2018 12:00 AM by

The Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya has 200,000 refugees who flee war and hunger from Sudan, Burundi, DR Congo and Somalia. The camp has 30 schools that do not have power supply, 1 manual per 10 students and insufficient furniture. Offering education is quite a challenge. Want to make an impact too? Check out how you can partner with us.

Free education for refugees

During a first Skype interview, Koen Timmers, a Belgian teacher and lecturer, trained the teachers of Kakuma. Soon he discovered that it would be quite a challenge. Classes count up to 200 students staring at a single laptop screen. He decided to send his own laptop to the camp and started a crowdfunding campaign.  This enabled additional laptops, a projector and a mobile solar panel to be purchased. Internet bundles are purchased in collaboration with UNHCR and LWF.  

Through his Project Kakuma, Koen succeeded in involving more than 100 teachers from 40 different countries in the project. These now give daily lessons in Mathematics, Science and English and talk about culture, religion, customs and … sports!

Koen Timmers was top 10 finalist of the 2018 Global Teacher Prize.

Close the Gap furnished them with 10 notebooks, that help the teachers give ICT classes to the refugees.