Meet our new donor: Ordina

Posted on Apr 5, 2018 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

Ordina has recently become one of Close the Gap’s new donors & business partners, with a first donation of laptops and expertise on GDPR implementation.

As a leading consulting firm, Ordina hereby follows its slogan 'IT for People’, by joining the community of over 300 companies who donate to and support Close the Gap.

By refurbishing high-quality, pre-owned donated computers, Close the Gap is also working on 'IT for People’. Close the Gap aims to bridge the digital divide by supporting educational, medical, entrepreneurial and social projects in developing and emerging countries. All the projects are demand-driven and share the common denominator of being non-profit-oriented initiatives.

"We are very grateful for this first donation of high quality used assets AND business advice. Being a global player, we look forward to assist Ordina and its clients, not only in Belgium, but also in other regions in the world, as our partnership could easily cross international borders. One of Close the Gap’s strengths is that we pick up material from pretty much all over the world in order to help bridge the digital divide." Says Didier Appels, responsible for Strategic Partnerships within Close the Gap.


If you are also interested in becoming one of Close the Gap’s donors, do not hesitate to contact Didier Appels ( or +32472723393).