AZ Vesalius Tongeren becomes one of Close the Gap's new donors

Posted on Feb 9, 2018 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

The AZ Vesalius in Tongeren, Belgium has recently become one of Close the Gap’s new donors. Serving a population of about 100,000 with 326 beds, this leading hospital in Limburg decided to follow in the footsteps of over 300 companies who donate their used ICT material to Close the Gap.

By refurbishing these high-quality, pre-owned donated computers, Close the Gap aims to bridge the digital divide by supporting educational, medical, entrepreneurial and social projects in developing and emerging countries. All the projects are demand-driven and share the common denominator of being non-profit-oriented initiatives.

This donation from AZ Vesalius, therefore, aligns closely with its core healthcare mission.

Read the (Dutch) press release issued by AZ Vesalius Tongeren here.