Used computers: a windoaw of opportunity

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

Beltug, the largest Belgian association of digital technology leaders, recently issued a survey in order to shed light on the practices of Belgian organizations regarding the handling of their out-of-date computers.

Source: Beltug, Nov 2017

The survey found that only one in four Belgian corporations donates their old computers to NGOs like Close the Gap. Beltug understands the importance of improving digital knowledge across the world and wants to stimulate and encourage Belgian companies to donate their aged IT material to professional organizations like Close the Gap, who aim to bridge the digital divide.

Read here the joint press release (in Dutch). The press release is also available in French.

Several articles also appeared: read the Dutch article here, and the French version here (Datanews), one from in French, one from Solutions Magazine (also in French), one from (in Dutch), and also one from (in Dutch).

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