Inge Knapen engages with top tech Kenyan entrepreneurs during "Women Power in Tech" event

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

On Dec 16, 2017, about 15 women in tech from Nairobi private sector engaged with Berber Kruimel from Rabobank and Inge Knapen from Close the Gap to exchange ideas, experiences and network. This "Women Power in Tech" event was co-hosted by Timeless Women of Wonder (TWOW). 

Inge Knapen reports: "Women empowerment was a central theme and we all became each other’s cheerleader. We have now created a WhatsApp group and already ideas and networks are being exchanged!

Nyakan Munyeki who is the founder of TWOW, was our host and facilitator. She brought all these amazing women together in the heart of Nairobi to build up the TWOW network and create international mentors. It's all about empowering each other as women and create a sense of community together. Together we stand strong. The experience was invigorating and very inspiring to exchange stories on lives and work that made us realise we are all connected somehow.

TWOW is working through its 7 pillars to implement key initiatives responsible for scaling social and economic impacts for Africa. The pillars are: leadership, empowerment, enterprise, social communities, media interaction, building bridges and celebration and recognition. In June they are launching another mentor and leadership program and they continue to break through the gender barrier with their activities."

Close the Gap has been a long-standing partner of TWOW. Read previous article.