Close the Gap on "De Warmste Week": €6000 collected!

Posted on Dec 22, 2017 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

We just learned that thanks to several initiatives organised by Teamleaders employees for "De Warmste Week", they collected €6000 !!! Enabling the installation of at least 3 computer classes in Africa impacting nearly 1000 students. Thank you Teamleader!

De Warmste Week

De Warmste Week is "The Flemish charity event of the year" organized by Studio Brussel' radio station. It's happening the week before Christmas and "warmste" relates to "most generous". Their slogan even says, "everybody cares for everybody". During that week, anybody is invited to organize a fundraising action in favor of their chosen charity.

With €2,000 collected, you could furnish and install one computer room in a secondary school in either Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda or Gana. This would include a set of 15 computers with appropriate software installed, teacher training, technical support and ewaste contribution.

Each class of 15 computers reaches about 300 children. Note that for every computer sent, we recycle one locally through our sister organization Worldloop. So, for €10,000, you could implement min 5 computer rooms in 5 different schools, reaching at least 1500 children. We hope you'll support Close the Gap.


Did you hear Close the Gap on the radio?

Indeed! Teamleader (a fast-growing company based in Gent specializing in online invoicing and CRM solutions for small to medium companies) sponsors Music for Life. To walk the talk, they have asked Close the Gap to partner and Teamleader will support some of our projects.