Positive results from the Girls Can Code project in Kabul, Afghanistan

Posted on Jul 8, 2016 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

The Womanity Foundation was born in 2005 to empower girls and women in developing countries to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities.

The Foundation is implementing the School in a Box model in 15 public high schools for girls, and has served over 28,000 students, 1,100 school teachers and staff, and positively impacted their communities. The model is a holistic approach to education that supports quality education and aims to increase girls’ attendance and keep them in school. The model has five key components: teaching skills, infrastructure, hygiene, creation of computer and science labs to ensure girls have access to subjects that are critical for higher education and the job market.

In April 2016, Womanity launched Girls Can Code in two of the largest girls’ schools in Kabul, Afghanistan. Close the Gap has provided 60 high quality refurbished computers for the implementation of the Girls Can Code programme. Both classes are off to a great start in their new computer labs and their instructor has already progressed from the introductory curriculum to HTML. The students are very enthusiastic and proud to be selected for the program:

"This is my dream that one day I will work for a company because my father is a IT manager - but right now during this month I am learning very good and new information and all of these topic is very interesting for me. I will try to learn more than my father and this is my hope that - I can became a good manager in a company. This training is very good for the girls because I know some of the parents don’t like for their daughters go a city course because we have lots of security problem and this is the good chance for the girls that they can learn coding training in the school." Student, Girls Can Code

Womanity also works to create clear opportunities for students when they complete the program. Womanity has now a clear picture of the ICT job market in Afghanistan and is working on creating immediate educational and employment options post-graduation.

In addition to Girls Can Code, Womanity is in the early stages of introducing a financial literacy program for Afghan girls in grades 7-12 using the proven Aflateen financial and social education curriculum. Financial and Resource Management will be introduced initially in eight girls schools. The Aflateen teaching manual is currently being translated and will be contextualized for Afghan girls.