Deloitte employees walk 500.000km and donate IT assets to bridge the digital divide in communities off the electric grid

Posted on Jul 6, 2016 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

Close the Gap’s long-time partner Deloitte Belgium recently increased its potential in terms of learning strategy, design, development and technology through the acquisition of Vision NV, now named "Learning Solutions @Deloitte".

What does this have to do with bridging the digital divide? When the two organisations merged, the IT department acquired many redundant devices due to double use. All Vision NV’s 88 fully functioning IT assets (27 laptops, 7 desktops, 33 screens, 5 multi-functional printers, 1 server and 15 desk phones) have been donated to Close the Gap and will find a second life and help bridge the digital divide in developing countries.

Deloitte Belgium and Close the Gap have developed a special and multifaceted collaboration over the past year, from IT donation to assistance in tax audit and accountancy. Earlier this year, the firm started a campaign to fund a mobile IT lab, called the #Digitruck, intended for Up4All (formerly Brothers4All), and bridge the digital divide in Cape Town, South Africa.

The challenge consisted in encouraging Deloitte’s employees to step for the good cause: all steps were counted with sports watches and converted into credits representing Deloitte’s contribution. Deloitte’s employees did a great job; The goal of 500.000 km was reached 3 weeks before the initial deadline!

This successful employee engagement lead to, not only providing a Digitruck to the young adults of Up4All, but also 20 extra laptops thanks to Deloitte’s employees extra steps, and therefore, extra credit!

Today in Cape Town, 38 students currently receive training inside the Digitruck, and they are learning computer programming/coding.

"Deloitte’s collaboration with Close the Gap began with a donation of used computers to help bridge the digital divide. From there, we developed our partnership further and we since many years we offer accounting, legal and internal professional services. At Deloitte, we’re delighted to be part of the Close the Gap family, and to offer our core expertise and our network to help Close the Gap make an even bigger impact on society." - Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium