Project Update: ICT4 Education in Kinshasa

Posted on Mar 9, 2016 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

In 2014, Reynaers Aluminium and Close the Gap entered into a 3 years collaboration to bridge the digital divide in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Reynaers Aluminium and Close the Gap are working together with Close the Gap's local service partner Benelux Afro Center (BAC) who received the computers and distribute them in the different schools in the region of Kinshasa.

Since 2014, 20 schools have received the computers necessary to build computer labs, and trained 2 teachers per lab on how to use ICT to facilitate learning within their students. This project has already introduced digital literacy to approximately 15.000 children and 40 IT-literate teachers, and promises reach an additional 10 schools by the end of this year.

ICT4Education contributes to universal access to education, equity in education, and delivers quality learning and teaching, teachers’ professional development and more efficient education management.

ICT truly contributes to a better learning journey: "We welcomed this project and we sincerely thank the initiators of the project. For us, it's kind of a miracle because we had a computer course bit without practice because of a lack of teaching materials (computer), we were not touching the computers, we were managing in the city. Today, we have the opportunity to learn at schools and reconcile the theory with practice, really it is a joy for us. Thank you BAC and its partners. Our hope is that this project is implemented throughout DRC. Thank you."  - Student of the 5th Grade Electricity / School Saint Cyprien