New labs set up in Burkina Faso

Posted on Jul 24, 2015 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

Ecole Supérieure de Polytechnique Kaya (ESPK) aims to provide education adapted to the economic outlook for Africa's development priorities in general, and Burkina Faso’s in particular by training technicians and engineers.

Last year Close the Gap and our counselor Mr. Jean-François Soupizet set up a project at ESPK which deployed 72 computer assets to the ESPK .

After receiving the first evaluation report, we proudly confirm that this project has been successful in improving education by increasing student access to digital resources such as internationally available research papers. In addition, access to specialised software for technical courses has helped students become familiar with Microsoft Office and the Internet, enabling them to master the computer languages necessary for their work.

In particular, 34 computer assets and a printer make up a new computer lab and the electrical engineering is now equipped with 18 computer assets and a printer. In addition, the secretariat, the administration, the management have also received computers to facilitate smooth running administrative process. Teachers also have access to a laptop which can be used to deliver lectures. Since the launch of the project in February 2015, students have received 550 IT learning hours. On top of this success, the ESPK hired a local IT specialist for the maintenance and installation of the computers.

ESPK is planning to build an air-conditioned building to move all the labs in to, the first to move would be the computer engineering lab. In addition, as the number of students is increasing, the ESPK is already anticipating the need for additional computers.