Close the Gap visits the Ngaliema hospital!

Posted on Jul 31, 2015 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

Our colleague Aurély Luzolele, Close the Gap's Project Manager, recently traveled to Kinshasa, DRC and had the chance to meet with Dr. Nundi Phasi and Gaston Tsasa, both working for the Benelux Afro Center (BAC), one of Close the Gap’s service partners.

Aurély visited the Ngaliema hospital in which Close the Gap provided around 30 computers. The hospital was then able to provide its IT department with high quality computers and servers. During Aurély’s visit, the IT department as well as some doctors described the positive impact of incorporating those computers into their daily work. In fact, they expressed their motivation to renew the partnership with Close the Gap and acquire additional computers!

In the afternoon, our colleague Aurély paid a visit to BAC's collection and dismantling center for e-waste which develops Worldloop's activities by striving for maximum empowerment of local communities and by supporting those involved in e-waste collection, dismantling and recycling.