Partnership with Ukengee Foundation: Successful implementation of 2 solar-powered, low energy computer labs (Tanzania)

Posted on Nov 30, 2010 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

In partnership with Close the Gap, the Dutch Foundation Ukengee recently installed low-energy Inveneo computers in 2 rural schools in the Lindi region (Tanzania). These computers only consume 30 Watt which makes it possible to install them on a solar power grid.

Close the Gap funded the purchase of the computers for Lindi School and Ilulu Girls School in order to learn more on innovative approaches to tackle the digital divide in rural, low-energy areas.

Ukengee is mainly looking for school projects in areas without electricity-grid and heavy weather conditions. Knowing that conditions like dust, moist and high temperatures make it difficult to achieve the installation of computers and connection with the internet.

For the moment Ukengee developed 4 projects in the Lindi-district in South Tanzania. The first secondary school was in Kilma Masoko (850 students, 20 pc's incl. 5 internet connections) in 2009. In the meantime, the Mpunyule Secondary School in Mandawa (325 students, 12 pc's incl. 3 internet connections), Lindi (800 students, 18 pc's incl. 4 internet connections) and Ilulu girls’ school also installed computer labs. More than 5,000 students in this area benefit of the facilities.