Yaaka Digital Network


Leap² Innovation Challenge Women in Tech. Theme: Education.

The goal of this innovation is to provide relevant country curriculum based digital academic content and equipment for online and offline learning.

Many schools in Uganda lack access to qualified teachers and better learning academic content based on the Ugandan Syllabus and this is a challenge which must be overcome to meet the goal of achieving better education, especially for children from less privileged backgrounds.

The founder tells: We have designed www.yaaka.cc with a Yaaka Plus product for institutions. With Yaaka Plus, learners are able to digitally access relevant Uganda curriculum academic content offline. Therefore we are asking that you help us raise money to test and install Yaaka Plus in 10 most deserving schools. With this we shall be helping learners in schools have access to relevant academic content that is in multimedia formats (video, audio, photos, text, visual graphics among others) offline.