Trautbuck Energy

Kampala, Uganda

SusTech4Africa Challenge Theme: Energy.

The goal of this initiative is to train 60 community members in 3 communities of Kampala and Wakiso districts on the use of prefabricated briquette machinery, with an aim of improving house hold incomes.

Disheartening is the sight of a hungry child seated by a garbage heap: dressed in tatters with tears of a " hunger yawn" streaming down his poor cheek. Such is the case in many a home; no food- a single meal a day is considered a blessing, and garbage piling on the veranda of a small house or in it's backyard-even in Kampala.

In Rubaga Division 14% of children come from families living below the poverty line (National Household survey 2016/2016), and the same is true for 21.4% of families in Wakiso (UBOS January 2018). Trautbuck Energy and her sister Project (Trautbuck Project Uganda) seek to provide an escape for 60 of such households in 3 communities in Wakiso and Kampala Districts in Uganda by training them the art of manufacturing briquettes from the wastes around their communities, hence turning wastes into money, and in return improving their household incomes.