Tena Pads Initiative


Leap² Innovation Challenge Innovative Light & Circular Economy. Theme: Social Entrepreneurship.

Tena Pads is an impact-based social enterprise that seeks to level the playing field for school-going girls in rural settings. They strongly believe that menstruation should not be a barrier to learning for any girl, anywhere. Tena Pads facilitates the production and distribution of Re-usable Pads.

Tena Pads Initiative was born out of the need to empower girls in Kinango area after visiting the place about a year ago. After conversations with leaders around the area, one thing stood out. The inability of girls to effectively manage menstruation contributed to absences of up to 4-5 school days each month. This equates to as much as 20% of the academic year, skipped, simply due to menstruation.

They organise Empowerment Camps, which gather between 50-100 girls for two days, to teach them on topics of Menstrual health management, Sexual education and Female hygiene. They gather girls that are seen as peer leaders in their community and work with them to help teach other girls on the same.

The Impact this initiative hopes to have is one where they have communities of more empowered girls with access to safe and dignified solutions to managing their periods, giving them the freedom to rise and achieve their true potential.

This Initiative relies on partnerships with NGOs, CBOs, Other social enterprises, and companies with CSR projects that focus on girls' and women empowerment.