Mombasa, Kenya

Leap² Swahili-Tech Women Innovation Challenge. Theme: Health.

The goal of this innovation is to create awareness and eradicate the negative connotation accompanying Mental Disorders in Africa. They want to get young people a safe space where they can open up without fear of judgement, cyber bullying. In short: easily accessible, affordable and more convenient Mental Health Care. They also want to elevate Mental Health through Advocacy, Awareness and Technology.

Psychbeing is a Mental Health organization that utilities technology to manage Mental Health issues for users. Psychbeing has an online and offline platform. On the online platform, thye use a mobile application help users get a safe space to open up about their life experiences without fear of judgement, cyber bullying, and maintain their anonymity.

They address Mental Health because in the Africa community, specifically Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is classified as an “unreal disease Non-existent”; therefore, most people suffering from some form of mental illness end up been lonely, misunderstood, confused, and feeling shame due to the fear of speaking out, not knowing where to get help from and without a clue of the financial restrictions involved.

Statistics from World health organisation shows that 1 out of 4 Kenyans is likely to suffer from a mental disorder at some point in their lives. 5 in 6 Kenyans with mental illness don't receive treatment. Unfortunately, Kenya is one of the 54 World Health Organization member states which do not have a separate budget for mental health and approximately 99,840 people only visit mental care institutions due to mental disorders.

PsychBeing were able to have managed to conduct a survey showing that most youth don’t get professional help, or don’t open up because of fear of been stigmatized by their peers and parents additionally high cost of therapy sessions leading to why most youths and teens don’t get the help they need, secondly most young people prefer sharing their experiences anonymously online, rather than walking into a mental care clinic.

They want to solve Mental Health through:

  • Mobile Application- safe space to open up.
  • Access to affordable therapy sessions with licensed therapists and counselors.
  • Conversational-based engine that is tailored to non-smartphone users to take standardized mental assessment tests.
  • Workshop- in educational institutions and corporate worlds in order to eradicate the negative connotations assigned to mental disorders.