Founded in 2014, WenakLabs (from the local Arabic Wenak meaning "Where are you?" and Labs, short for Laboratoires), was born in a rice granary at the Marché à Mil in N'Djamena. The project was the brainchild of a group of passionate, committed and ambitious Chadian geeks.

WenakLabs is a technology cluster and support structure for innovative entrepreneurship. Created in 2014, the organisation aims to support project developers at every stage, from conception to launch.

It also aims to provide quality education, develop a digital culture among young people and train entrepreneurs and innovators. All of this will enable them to considerably improve their chances of success, to create sustainable businesses that generate employment, and to network with each other in order to pool their experience and resources.

Close the Gap has provided WenakLabs with 120 laptops (divided over 4 shipments) to assist them in providing education and training to their target audience. We are honoured to support such an impactful initiative!