Simplon Africa

Let’s elucidate the work Simplon is investing in closing the digital divide in Africa!

Being active since 2017, Simplon is an organization that uses corporate and public partnerships to offer free tailored developer courses to underprivileged populations. They want to assist in educating people so they can support them on their path to future careers. As such, the organization wants to help pave the way for equal chances in terms of employment. As this often requires digital skills, Simplon arranges coding labs and training programs to train the development of digital competencies. Students, entrepreneurs, persons with disabilities, job seekers, women, children, migrants, and all other people wanting to refine their digital skills are welcome to join their courses. In that way, and by offering different programs and pathways, Simplon invests its energy to prepare its clients for successful entrance into the job market.

Up to 2023, Simplon Africa educated more than 10.000 people with their courses, while they became active in 20 African countries! Close the Gap was pleased to supply their organization with more than 500 devices until today. Most of these devices are used by Simplon Senegal, while 50 devices are deployed in Niger and 55 in Mali. We are happy to be able to provide material for Simplon’s courses and are grateful for the work they are conducting for closing the gap!


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