Dr. Albert Schweitzerschool


Let's have a closer look at the Dr Albert Schweitzerschool! This school is one of the schools of the VPCO, the Association for Protestant Christian Education that runs seven schools for primary and secondary education in Curaçao. The Dr. Albert Schweitzerschool itself is a primary school that daily welcomes an average of 750 children. It invests its energy in good education as well as the welfare of its pupils. 


As a place to learn with and from each other, the school wants to guarantee an environment where children can play and move around next to the education they can enjoy. Like many other schools, the Dr. Albert Schweitzerschool has however been closed for a certain amount of time given the COVID-19 pandemic. While education had to be organized virtually, this crisis made clear how many pupils lacked the means to have a computer device of their own. In order to come to assist the Dr. Albert Schweitzerschool and to help them renew the older devices the school was relying on, Close the Gap was happy to provide this primary school with more than 50 computer assets! We are thereby most thankful to support this school in its educational goals by means of our computer material, and to together with them build the bridge over the digital divide!