HUB21 Turkey!

Closing Gaps with HUB21 Turkey!

Personalized computer classes and tech programs for children and students in Turkey.

Many social differences are connected and intertwined with the digital divide that we at Close the Gap are keen to bridge. This applies, for example, to the gender gap, which stands in the way of equality through unfair access to digital resources. The digital gap therefore also sheds light on gender inequality still prevalent today. To face both digital and the gender inequality, HUB 21 Turkey invests energy and effort to provide personalized computer classes and tech programs for children and students. Their HUB21 For Girls program aims at halting the bias surrounding women’s presence in the tech industry more specifically. The tailored learning environment they offer, introduces girls aged 10 to 17 to many concepts and models, hoping to incite their curiosity for education in STEM. This program enables girls from an early age to demonstrate and learn how to follow a path into the world of technology. It gives them the training and instruction they need to learn what options the technology sector can offer them, at what STEM education can provide them.

Apart from the HUB21 For Girls program, HUB21 more generally offers courses for all children to master technological skills while stimulating their creativity and having fun. Courses are provided for computer sciences, for coding, programming, and developing games. The platform they use is always tailored to the age, curiosity, and experience of the pupil, allowing them to learn and grow their skills in technology in their own way.

We are pleased to have provided HUB 21 Turkey with 20 laptops, 20 headsets, and 20 mice in 2022! They are now used by 20 children, aged between 11 and 14 in both the Van Çağbağı Middle School as well as the Darüşşafaka Schools. In this way, the assets are deployed to provide coding classes and instruction courses on game development and creative technology.


Irmak is one of the students from the Van Çağbağı Middle School. He has been working with one of the computers and gave insight into his experience by sharing: ‘This is the most beautiful class in our school. When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor. But I also would like to build robots that can do surgeries. With the help of coding courses, I will be able to get close to my dream. Thank you, everybody!


Another student, Yılmaz, from Van Çaybağı Middle School, elucidates: ‘I don't have access to the computer and internet connection at home. I would like to study computer engineering at the university. In Hub21 courses, we’re learning how to create our games and animations in the coding courses, so I will try to design my own game environment. It is so exciting, I believe my tutors from Hub21 will guide me to university as well. We can achieve everything that we want, there is no such thing as obstacles that may prevent us from our dreams.

Find out more on their programs and initiatives on their website: Hub21 - Coding School for Kids and Teens (


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