Children of Lima

Education, Safety, Water and Food. Those are the main key points Children of Lima focuses on to give children and their families a safe environment to live in.

While the Peruvian capital is a growing economy in the Americas, Lima faces the challenge of poverty amongst its inhabitants. Officially registered in Belgium, Children of Lima raises funds and invests its energy to offer children in Lima access to basic amenities. To find sustainable projects supporting this goal, a motivated team is active in the field. The organization thereby works together with local communities and relies on a network of volunteers to make change happen. 


As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the prevalent digital divide as it pressured our world to organize itself more and more virtually. Equally, schools in Lima have been closed during the pandemic to safeguard the distance needed for fighting the virus. During that time, Children of Lima supported children in remote and poor areas with computer assets. It had to prevent children from losing connectivity and allow them to keep on taking part in the educational system. As we strongly believe in the importance of the Children of Lima’s work, Close the Gap was most grateful to provide them with computer material. Throughout the past three years, we have been happy to deliver more than 15 assets to this wonderful organization. 


Find out more about the work the organization pursued during the pandemic in particular on their page: Laptops to stay connected - Children of Lima and on the organization and their other projects more general on their website: HOME - Children of Lima


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