Close the Gap Participates in International E-Waste Week Hosted by Thomas More Hogeschool

Posted on Mar 18, 2024 1:07 PM by Close the Gap

Close the Gap and Enabel recently collaborated for the international week on e-waste, led by the Thomas More Hogeschool in Antwerp. Our Project Manager Marnick Vanlee kicked off the week by highlighting the pressing issue of e-waste. Subsequently, Close the Gap welcomed students from Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, and Germany to CTG Circular in Mechelen, providing them with firsthand insights into e-waste management.

Throughout the week, participants engaged in in-depth studies and critical thinking exercises aimed at tackling the challenges posed by e-waste. The culmination of their efforts came on Friday when students presented innovative ideas and potential business opportunities to address the e-waste crisis while prioritizing positive environmental impact.

Close the gap is thrilled to have played a role in this important initiative, emphasizing the significance of knowledge sharing and collaborative brainstorming in paving the way for a more circular and sustainable future.

We are very thankful to the Thomas More Hogeschool for hosting this critical initiative and for exploring possible paths to a more circular and sustainable future with us!