Calvary Zion Children’s Home

Posted on Mar 11, 2024 8:40 AM by Close the Gap

Empowering children at Calvary Zion Children’s Home through digital education.

Calvary Zion Children’s Home, established in 1998 in Mombasa, Kenya, serves as a sanctuary for abandoned and orphaned children. Under the compassionate care of local women, the home provides nurturing and protection to ensure the well-being of every child.

Recognizing the importance of digital literacy, Calvary Zion Children’s Home sought to equip its children with essential skills to thrive academically and beyond. In collaboration with Close the Gap and TechTogether, six desktops and monitors were donated to establish a computer lab on the premises, providing access to digital resources and opportunities.

The primary objective of the computer lab is to empower the children with essential digital skills, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape confidently. Currently accommodating 32 children, the home supports their unique dreams and aspirations, ranging from teaching to beauty therapy.

At Calvary Zion Children’s Home, the vision extends beyond shelter; it is about empowering children to overcome adversity and build a brighter future. Through initiatives like Close the Gap and TechTogether, these children are equipped with the tools they need to pursue their goals and contribute meaningfully to society.

This initiative demonstrates the transformative power of technology in uplifting communities and changing lives.